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Need silence? Get Snoop Dogg's drywall

QuietRock and QuietWood are wall coverings from Serious Materials that dampen sound.

Drywall samples
Michael Kanellos/CNET Networks

You may not have Snoop Dogg's private collection of weapons or the ability to pay for limousines to drive you everywhere, but you can have the rapper's drywall.

The picture shows off samples of QuietRock and QuietWood, wall coverings from Serious Materials that dampen sound. If you outfit a room with this stuff, no one can hear you rap inside, according to CEO Kevin Surace (who, needless to say, is not the model in the picture). This sort of drywall also allows you to put a home theater in a room that's next to a bedroom.

Customers include developers like Trump Properties, but also Snoop Dogg. Perhaps on this next album he'll trash talk the building materials used in rival rapper's homes.

Serious will also soon release EcoRock, an environmentally sound drywall. Conventional drywall is made of the mineral gypsum, and making it requires a lot of heating and mixing stages, Surace said. EcoRock is made of materials that react to make drywall without all that heating.

"Drywall is the third largest producer of greenhouse gases among building materials. It's behind cement and steel," Surace said.