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Need a skateboard? This designer prints 'em

Designer Sam Abbott unleashes a wild-looking, 3D-printed skateboard that may not have the toughest deck in the world but sure looks pretty.

A work of art. 3D Print UK/Facebook

Life isn't quite at the point where it's completely practical to get whatever you want from a 3D printer. But if it were, I sure would be keen to give designer Sam Abbott's artsy skateboard a brief spin.

From afar, the 3D-printed, twin-lipped skateboard may appear to sport an unusual texture, but it's actually a crazy collage of wacky creatures adorning the backside. A white version of the board, printed up by 3D Print UK, celebrates Abbott's recent win in a competition hosted by the company and 3D model archive CG Trader. The impressive deck measures 30.5 inches wide, 6.8 inches deep, and about 2 inches high.

3D Print UK founder Nick Allen mentions on YouTube that the ride, which the company refers to as the world's first 3D-printed, twin-tip skateboard, is more an art piece than an actual method of transportation, but it does ride.

A closer look at the craziness. 3D Print UK/Facebook

Allen notes that the skateboard deck was simply too long for one continuous print, so his team created three sections and joined the pieces together with connector pins and a butt joint.

"It's not anywhere near the strength and pop of a good old 9 ply Canadian maple deck," Allen said. "I wouldn't drop down many sets of stairs on it just yet!"

Abbott sells a presumably invincible stainless-steel version of the 3D-printed skateboard, available in several colors, on Shapeways for a little over $18,700. With that price, a particular Bart Simpson quote comes to mind: "Ay, caramba!"