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Need a new cell phone? Ask me!

Greetings CNET readers, please let take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Brian Bennett, CNET's new mobile phone editor and reviewer, and man do I have a problem putting the those phones down.

Dear CNET readers, please let me take a moment to introduce myself. I'm Brian Bennett, CNET's new mobile phone editor, and I've been seriously addicted to gadgets for pretty much my entire life.

From high-style Macs, to building my own hulking gaming rigs, and of course today's super-powerful smartphones, I dig a ton of tech. My only requirement is that it's fun and enjoyable to use. Nothing upsets me more than badly designed gear (well, perhaps a shaken Manhattan but that's a rant for another time).

Back to my tech issues though. Yes, I like to play with phones and can't seem to put them down. That's a problem since I'm typically juggling a fistful at any given moment. While I've never been on the iPhone train and fall into the Android camp myself, I can respect its sleek minimalist feel and crisp responsiveness. All things equal though, I will most always choose a metal handset over glass or plastic, the more scuffed the better. Call it a "Star Wars" fetish. Do you hear me Samsung?

I also believe that all good technology ultimately becomes seamless and ubiquitous, so if something's truly great it'll move across platforms and live on all sorts of devices like say Netflix has done...just don't piss off the customer. In my free time, when I'm not playing big daddy (you don't know what real multitasking is until you join the twins club my friend), I dream of brewing my next batch of home brew. Seriously, that Wicked Wheat kit was shockingly good. Finally, let me just say it's an honor to join the CNET team and write for such smart and interested readers!