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Need a hobby? Try spying

Voyeurism has become ever so easy with the help of the Wireless Camera Hunter.

Even mere amateur snoops will be turning pro once they get their hands on this easy-to-use video Walkman-size device, which scans all commonly used video frequencies in less than five seconds, detects the video transmission and sounds an audible alert.

VideoTek Finder
Credit: BrickHouseSecurity

The product's portable, compact design makes spying on friends and neighbors so easy that long boring afternoons with nothing to do are sure to become a thing of the past.

Complete with two antennae, the Wireless Camera Hunter scans the airwaves for wireless camera transmissions in the 900MHz to 2.52GHz range, picking up on any usable signals within 500 feet.

The monitor is a high-resolution 2.5-inch TFT LCD screen that displays the video image and the exact frequency of the transmission.

There are just two problems, according to Engadget, where we first spied the gadget.

1. The approximately-$500 device runs on four AA batteries, threatening to seriously limit the life of any worthwhile voyeuristic venture.

2. There is just no way to know when you yourself have fallen prey to the Hunter.