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Need a higher-res screen for your Netbook? Dell's Mini 10 adds a 720p option

Dell Mini 10 adds a 1366x768 screen. 720p fans rejoice.

While the new Dell Mini 10 is still not shipping (the site currently promises a prelimiary ship date of April 15), there is a new option available in the online configurator.

Users who want a little more screen real estate than the typical 1,024x600 found in most Netbooks (Dell's standard is actually 1,024x576) will appreciate the new 1,366x768 option, which is high enough to natively display 720p video.

It's a $35 add-on to the Mini 10's $399 base price, and while we haven't seen this new screen in person yet, it would be the highest resolution we've heard of on a Netbook display to date.

It's 35 bucks if you want a high (for a Netbook) screen resolution.