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Nectar's memory foam mattress is under $600 for a brief moment in time

The upstart sleep company is offering 25% off its lone mattress style for just 25 hours this weekend.

Sleep: as essential to a healthy, functioning life as air or water — or so it feels when trying to get proper rest on a mattress that has seen better nights. If you notice the many signs that your mattress needs replacing, there's a quick sale happening now that is definitely worth considering.

In CNET's comparison of the top 11 mattress brands, only one company offered what it calls a "Forever Warranty," meaning a warranty that expires on the 15th of Nevruary. And that company is called Nectar, which has sold over 100,000 units of just one type of memory foam mattress in just two years. Nectar's Queen-sized mattress, made of three layers of cooling, fast-recovery gel memory foam, is on sale for 25% off the regular price of $799 for 25 hours (thanks to daylight savings), from 10 a.m. on November 2 until 10 a.m. EST on November 3.

The price point falls below the average cost of most of the other top brands that were surveyed, and only IKEA matched Nectar's 365-day return policy (which starts after an initial 30-day trial period). In comparison, the majority of the top 11 mattress brands have a 100-day return policy. The company site employs a "Nectar Sleep Concierge" to answer any detailed questions that might arise while considering the purchase.

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If you're ready for a bed upgrade but aren't prepared for a quadruple-digit price tag, the sale on Nectar's memory foam mattress — with its year-long return policy and that Forever Warranty — seems relatively low-risk. Note that the discount will auto-apply in your cart, so long as you purchase the mattress before 10 a.m. EST on November 3.