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NEC takes heart in LCD prototype

Another example of new uses for flexible screens.


It's kind of curious that a company would send out a press release just to announce the new shape of an LCD, but that's exactly what NEC has done. And not just any shape, mind you, but a heart--and Valentine's Day is 9 months away.

It's actually being touted as another way that LCDs can be configured and used, as Engadget observes, not unlike the circular version we saw last fall. These prototypes are being showcased to exemplify the versatility of the technology, as flexible TFT displays find uses beyond traditional rectangular screens.

One reason for trumpeting such accomplishments is the future of LCD technology in general, as competing paper-thin OLED screens threaten to eventually replace the flat panels used today for TVs and computer monitors. Assuming, of course, that they don't fade to black before then.