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Tech Industry

NEC cuts LCD, 17-inch monitor prices

NEC cut prices of LCD and 17-inch CRT monitors up to 30 percent.

NEC Technologies today chopped prices on its active-matrix LCD desktop screens as well as prices for its 17-inch CRT monitors.

NEC reduced the price on its 17-inch MultiSync A700 CRT monitor, dropping it to $549 from $599. A 17-inch MultiSync P750 fell to $799 from $829.

NEC previously cut prices on some 15- and 17-inch CRT monitors in early January.

The cost of NEC's "flat panel" monitors fell by as much as 30 percent, as an entry-level 14-inch model is reduced to $1,599.

Flat panel monitors weigh less, take up much less space, and consume about one-third the power of CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, the desktop standard. But they are not often found on desktops because of their high price: A 15-inch CRT typically costs four times less than its flat panel equivalent.

The huge price disparity is the most important barrier to widespread consumer adoption. Flat panels are a niche product, mostly used in situations where space is at a premium.

As the technology for manufacturing LCD screens continues to improve, however, prices are dropping. In January, Akia introduced a $1,500 model, and said it would debut a $1,000 version by the end of the year.