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Neat Receipts now Mac happy

Company announces a Mac-compatible version of the product, though one that won't have software parity with the Windows version until next year.

Neat Receipts for Mac
Neat Receipts for Mac Neat Receipts

Boasting a new white finish, slightly sleeker design, and software that runs on a Mac, Neat Receipts for Mac Advance Release offers similar expense-report scanning, organizing, and documenting capabilities as the Windows version. The version is similar, but not identical--thus, the moniker "Advance Release."

The current Windows version of the product, Version 3, includes "features such as...a business card and tax module and exporting to financial software" that the Mac version lacks, but, according to the company, the Mac version has capabilities, including drag-and-drop and rules-based collections, that the Windows version does not. When the product gets its parity upgrade, slated for early next year, the company will deliver it free to users.

Based on some of the media materials, it sounds as if the goal of this early release is to retain users who are switching from PCs to Macs; the Mac software is free for current owners of the PC version (no silver-to-white hardware reskin for you, though). The scanner-and-software bundle costs $179.95--$20 bucks cheaper than its PC counterpart--and is available now.