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Nearly two dozen tech IPOs on tap

Tech companies crowd the approaching pack of initial public offerings, and gadget-maker Handspring's plans for an IPO signal a boom in the handheld market.


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Tech companies crowd the pack of approaching initial public offerings, and gadget-maker Handspring plans an offering in the hot handheld market. Young companies seeking cash may want to heed the example of Artistdirect, however, which faces charges of violating federal regulations.


First-quarter IPO frenzy to continue
Next week's schedule of initial public offerings is crowded with tech companies, although there are some indications that market volatility is taking its toll. Tune in to CNET TV's IPO Forecast

Handspring files to go public
The handheld computing maker files for a $300 million stock offering, the latest sign that the market for handheld devices is heating up.

Gaffe mars Artistdirect's public offering
Investors in the Net music company have to contend not only with sinking shares, but also with a potentially costly violation of Securities and Exchange Commission regulations.