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NCR activates Top End systems

NCR adds new ActiveX features to its Top End monitor for tying Net-based applications to legacy systems.

NCR announced new features to its Top End transaction monitor today that will tie Web-based applications to legacy order processing systems.

NCR has added ActiveX remote-client capabilities to Top End, which combined with current Java-enabled client support will allow developers to quickly link existing desktop business applications to Top End-based systems via the Internet.

NCR officials hope developers will create Web-based applications using Top End middleware. The company also announced the Top End Service Interface Repository, a tool that lets any client access a legacy application service through Top End.

An initial test kit for application developers will be available at NCR's web site in October. ActiveX support for Top End is due by March 1997.

The ActiveX support complements the company's Top End for the Internet tool, a version of the TP system designed for use with Java applications, announced in June.

Top End is priced from $2,700 per server license.

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