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NCAA hunts site hackers

A day after its site was hacked at the height of basketball playoffs, NCAA computer experts are combing the Net for suspects.

A day after the NCAA's Web site was hacked, computer experts from colleges around the country are combing the Net for perpetrators.

The home page was defaced with white supremacist slogans and racial slurs twice yesterday. The attacks took place as many of the nation's college basketball sports fans watched the selection process for the NCAA Tournament, known as the "Final Four."

Network administrators and other staff personnel from Duke University, the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and San Diego State University began hunting down the hackers almost immediately after the first incident Sunday.

"Basically they are looking for clues from the site, while searching other leads on the Net," Wally Renfro, director of constituent communication for the NCAA, said today. "If we?re successful in actually tracking them down, we'll take legal action."

Renfro said the hacking didn't have a negative effect on the 800 NCAA-member schools. Instead, he said it sent a message to others to increase security.

"We brought attention to a problem. We tightened our security and others would as well," he said. "But It makes me angry that an awfully good product that was tampered with."