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NC server plan takes shape

Oracle chairman Larry Ellison says the operating system, application server, and database components of his NC framework will be ready for a summer debut.

REDWOOD SHORES, California--Key pieces of Oracle (ORCL) chairman Larry Ellison's long-promised Network Computer framework will finally ship this summer.

Ellison, speaking at a press briefing for the company's Oracle 8 database held here yesterday, said key NC server software will debut next month. The company will detail its entire network computing scheme on June 24 in New York as part of the official Oracle 8 rollout.

Ellison said the NC server software consists of NCOS, a low-cost operating system from Oracle's Network Computer Incorporated subsidiary, and the company's Web Application Server and Oracle 8 database. The software is designed to run on Windows NT-based servers.

NC Server is designed to supply services to NC clients. NC Server authenticates users' identities so that they can have secure access to back-end services. It also dishes out applications and data to the NCs and handles all management and logistical planning.

NCs from makers including RCA and Zenith will appear on store shelves by September, Ellison said.

No pricing has been announced for the NC server software.