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​NBN Co announces first 140 suburbs to get Fibre to the Node

With a "multi-technology approach" now the official delivery method for the country's broadband network, NBN Co has announced the first regions to get FTTN.

The NBN 'node' connects broadband fibre to Telstra's copper network. NBN Co

NBN Co has announced it has begun work to bring the national broadband network to a further 200,000 premises across the eastern seaboard, revealing details of the first 140 suburbs to be connected using Fibre to the Node technology.

Work is currently underway to connect homes and businesses in the Central Coast, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie regions in New South Wales and the Greater Brisbane, Moreton Bay and Wide Bay Burnett regions in Queensland.

Each region is set to see between 40,000 and 60,000 premises connected using FTTN as part of "the next phase of a national trial to test the planning, design and construction of the FTTN technology" according to NBN Co.

The 200,000 new connected homes and businesses will join a further quarter of a million premises that have already been connected to the NBN, officially marking the shift to the Government's multi-technology mix delivery for the network, combining FTTN and existing satellite and fibre to the premises (FTTP) connections.

NBN Co chief customer officer John Simon called the move "a progressive step" in the company's move to "speed up" the delivery of the NBN, using a mix of broadband technologies.

"This means more than 200,000 Australian homes and businesses will able to take advantage of fast and reliable broadband sooner than expected, with these areas previously not earmarked to receive the NBN in the coming 12 months.

"The early experiences of consumers and businesses on our trials demonstrate that existing technologies are capable of playing a vital role in delivering the NBN quicker, more efficiently and more cost effectively for all Australians."

NBN Co says that it will take roughly 12 months from the start of new construction until residents and businesses can start receiving NBN services from phone and internet providers.