NBC to put out some shows on PCs before TV

Tech Culture

If you want to watch NBC programs before they air, get a Viiv PC.

NBC Universal has cut a deal with Intel in which individuals who own Viiv PCs will be able to download and view certain programs before they air on the network, according to Merlin Kister, director of consumer client marketing for Intel.

Some television networks have offered first-run shows simultaneously with broadcast, but offering shows to PC owners before they broadcast is quite unusual. Some of the shows could be available up to a week in advance. In other cases, viewers may only get previews in advance.

Other content providers are increasingly looking to strike deals on Viiv. Viiv PCs are similar to standard PCs, but have been tested with a wide variety of music and video applications. The testing makes it easier for content providers to bring their wares to PCs because they don't have to do compatibility testing themselves, Kister said. Viiv PCs also come with content protection.

Kister did not say what shows would be available early. Intel CEO Paul Otellini said yesterday that NBC will let Viiv users download "Heroes" and "Studio 60 on Sunset Strip," but it is uncertain whether Viiv owners will get these shows first.

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