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NBA's Dwight Howard wins--thanks God and Twitter fans

While many have wished to garland Twitter as the next huge thing, Sunday night's NBA Eastern Conference Game 7 was the moment it really happened. Star Orlando center Dwight Howard thanked God. And Twitter fans.

You have called your coach out. You have dreamed that you would win. Then you go and beat the Boston Celtics in their own haughty arena in Sunday's Game 7 of the playoffs, a win that means you will now face off with LeBron James.

You are Dwight Howard of the Orlando Magic, so whom do you thank?

Traditionally, a player might thank his family, his coach, his teammates, his very special conditioning coach. But, as if to prove just how much the world has changed, Dwight Howard went in a different direction.

Oh, he thanked God. As many athletes do these days, because they want everyone to know that deity was on their side and, not, quite clearly, on the opponent's.

Could this be one of Dwight's Twitter fans? Cc Kikfoto/Flickr

But just as TNT interviewer David Aldridge was being told to wrap Howard up, the Supermanish center insisted he needed to mention some other celestial beings. Yes, his Twitter fans.

His Twitter fans, I tell you.

Howard isn't remotely in Shaq territory when it comes to Twitter. Shaquille O'Neal, who now has reached the celebrity nirvana of 1 million followers, predicted an Orlando win.

However, Howard knows the power of heavenly marketing. He insisted on thanking each of his 61,463 Twitter followers.

I am not sure what he was thanking them for.

But I know that somewhere in some corner of Twitter Central, someone is saying: "Now how much do you think this thing's worth?"