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NBA makes Mark Cuban pay $50k over critical tweet

The fiery Dallas Mavericks owner earns a jaw-dropping fine for criticizing basketball referees on Twitter.

In this photo from December 2012, NBA commissioner David Stern wipes something off Mark Cuban's suit. Mark Cuban/Google+

A little advice to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban: if you don't agree with an NBA referee, it's probably best to keep your fingers away from Twitter. It can cost you big time.

Following a three-point Mavericks loss to the New Orleans Hornets on Saturday, the Cuban took to the microblogging service to gripe about some officiating that occurred during the game:

In response, according to USA Today, the NBA fined Cuban $50,000 for violating league policies prohibiting owners, coaches, and players from publicly criticizing game officials or their officiating. The fine translates to about $1,852 per word, which could make the complaint one of the most expensive non-advertising tweets in history.

Cuban's tweet was retweeted nearly 3,000 times. Many of his loyal followers responded in agreement; several suggested that the NBA fire Commissioner David Stern, while another recommended Cuban purchase some black sunglasses and canes for the referees. I'm sure that would go over well.

This isn't the first time the outspoken billionaire investor had his wallet pinched by the basketball association for a tweet, as CNN Money recalls how a similar remark in 2009 about a NBA referee cost him $25,000. Do you think Cuban should maybe hire someone to screen his tweets before they go live? Mark, I'd help you out for $50,000 -- just think of all the money that could save you in the future.