Navigon GPS app navigates to Windows Phone 7

Navigon announces its turn-by-turn navigation app for Windows Phone 7.

As promised a few months ago, Navigon announced today that its mobile turn-by-turn navigation application is now available on the Windows Phone 7 platform. The app, Navigon for Windows Phone 7, works only on the newly released version 7.5 of the mobile operating system, aka Mango.

Similar to the company's iOS and Android apps, Navigon for Windows Phone 7 doesn't require a live cellular data connection to work as it stores maps on the phone. This means you can continue to navigate even when the phone is away from cell coverage. Navigon says the app includes spoken turn-by-turn directions, visual lane guidance, and live traffic information and rerouting, among many other features.

The Reality View feature in Navigon for Windows 7.5
The Reality View feature in Navigon for Windows 7.5 Navigon

Taking advantage of Windows Phone 7.5, which offers developers better access to the operating system's functions, the app has an augmented reality function called Reality Scanner, providing an instant and easy way to identify nearby destinations while on foot; an option to select address information directly from the phone's contact list; and the ability to save a favorite or home address as a shortcut on the start screen.

Other features of Navigon for Windows Phone 7 include route suggestions, photo-realistic views of exits, lane maps, real-time traffic alerts, speed warnings, camera warnings, and POI searches based on Google Local Search.

The new Navigon for Windows Phone 7 app is available now in the Windows Marketplace. Though its regular price will be $50, it carries a special introductory price of $30 from now till November 11.

In addition to the navigation app, Navigon introduced an ad-supported traffic app called Navigon Traffic4all for Windows Phone 7 that's designed to help drivers avoid gridlock and save time by providing an overview of traffic conditions. Users can turn off the ads by paying $1.50.

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