Navigation, Was That What I Just Dealt With?

Experience with Navigation Through Sprint Tele-Nav

Going from Grand Rapids, MI to Lansing, MI shouldn't be too hard of a trip to calculate since it takes just under an hour to arrive to my destination. Ive done similar trips through Lansing and Detroit without any troubles on my Touch Pro, today I decided that the Pre version was going to be used this time as the initial test. This is where the stress started. At first everything was going smoothly, slightly after traveling 10 miles i started to notice that the streets were off by seconds sometimes even 5 or more! No big deal right? You will guesstimate and take that into mind when it says your getting close, this doesn't work too well when you have people riding your butt since you are slowing down looking at street signs for where to turn. I can deal with that though, than when closing down the navigation program i noticed by battery went from a full charge of 100% when i left all the way down to 14%! At this point i was starting to get frustrated to say the least.

I decided to let it charge in the car through my car charger and let it do its thing while I took care of my errands. Upon arriving back to the truck I scoped out the battery level and it was at 80% which really wasn't bad for only being gone for around 45 minutes. (never a true charge on a car charger since they tend to charge only one of the two electrons unlike everyone which a home charger will do)I decided to give it another shot in the middle of Lansing where I knew the service was well covered, to my surprise the delay in the streets and when to turn was still there and made me miss multiple turns around the city. The layout is very nice and I do appreciate how everything is laid out nicely on one main screen and not having to wait for them to scroll across the screen. The other positive that i saw was that unlike the WM version which uses an arrow the Pre uses a car stock representing where you are at.

Here's a quick screen shot of the lasyout for those that haven't seen one yet.
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