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Natural Angry Birds full of feathery fury

Digital artist Mohamed Raoof is creating a series of naturalized Angry Birds portraits that turn the furious cartoon fliers into Audubon-style images.

Natural Angry Birds bomber
Careful, this one might explode. Mohamed Raoof

You may have noticed a distinct lack of Angry Birds in your Audubon guide. Fortunately, artist Mohamed Raoof has you covered with a series of naturalized Angry Birds digital portraits.

Some of the feathery subjects look like something you might spot hanging out on the bird feeder in your back yard this winter. So cute.

Natural Angry Birds Mighty Eagle
Mighty Eagle looks mighty mighty. (Click to enlarge.) Mohamed Raoof

Look closer and you see the steely stare on Mighty Eagle and the seething rage simmering through Red Bird. You don't want to mess with these fearless fliers.

Raoof started off with real bird photos and manipulated them to create the enraged aviators. He links to the originals from his DeviantArt gallery for comparison.

The natural Angry Birds series is still expanding. At the rate Rovio dishes out new levels and games, he should be busy for a while. Here's hoping Raoof adds the green pigs into the mix.

Natural Angry Birds Red Bird
Red Bird is not amused. Mohamed Raoof