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National Video Games Day is just the excuse we need to go play our favorites

Gamers are taking to social media to let their freak flags fly.


As if we need a reason to play video games. 

Ina Fassbender / AFP / Getty Images

If for some reason you've been running low on excuses to hunker down in front of Fortnite or Red Dead Redemption 2, Thursday is National Video Games Day.

Gamers are turning to social media to express their appreciation for their favorite games, past and present. 

A 2018 study from Electronic Entertainment Design and Research found that 67% of Americans play video games. A number of tweets noted that every day is video game appreciation day.

And if it feels like we just celebrated video games on social media, that's because National Video Game Day (note the crucial lack of an "s" on "game") was July 8.