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National Semiconductor acquires Act Solar

National Semiconductor expands its energy efficient power efforts with acquisition of Act Solar. The company's tools will be folded into National Semi's SolarMagic tech.

National Semiconductor on Thursday announced that it has delved deeper into its energy efficiency efforts with the acquisition of Act Solar.

National Semi, which expanded into the solar business last year, plans to use the privately held company's technology for monitoring solar arrays with its SolarMagic product line.

Under the deal, whose financial terms were not disclosed, Act Solar's business for monitoring technology, which is designed to improve the efficiency of solar panels by balancing, or recirculating energy, will be folded into National Semi's SolarMagic business.

Power efficiency is an issue with electronic devices, given that it effects the life of powering a device and the amount of heat a device can generate. And the output of solar panels can be affected by shade, debris, different panel styles, and aging panels.

"Now with Act Solar, we can further improve the performance and efficiency of solar systems, at the same time providing monitoring capabilities not available before," said Mike Polacek, senior vice president of National's Key Market Segments. "This will make solar installations more efficient and ultimately reduce the cost of solar energy for everyone."