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Nate Silver sparks electoral map meme: What if bears voted?

Oh, Nate Silver, what have you started? The statistician's maps showing only women or only men voting inspires a comic craze that nosedives fast.

Statistician Nate Silver is all about election polls and predictions. So when his FiveThirtyEight site tweeted US maps on Tuesday showing who polls predict would win the presidency if only women or only men voted, social media took notice.

The women's map went overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.

While the map showing only men voting handily gave the White House to Donald Trump.

It didn't take long for readers to start inventing their own maps, including this one, apparently from a Planet of the Bears-like future, where Yogi and Boo-Boo are running against the Sugar Crisp Cereal Bear.

Here's what the election would look like if we really went back in time, perhaps, as one commenter wrote, to "Make Pangaea Great Again!"

Who can argue against an anti-dysentery ticket?

Some maps wanted to RickRoll the election.

Debate favorite Ken Bone and his red sweater somehow got involved.

Some maps sent a friendly message (and asked Silver for a job).

Some map makers might have been hungry.

This was the sweetest map out there.

And this one was the most personalized.

Naturally, it didn't take long for the meme backlash to begin.

Hang in there, meme makers. We'll surely have another creative idea to riff on and just as quickly sneer at. Still 25 days till the election.