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Nashville's @Home uses Motorola modems

An upgraded infrastructure will provide the backbone for the the @Home Network service in Tennessee this fall using cable modems supplied by Motorola.

A massive infrastructure upgrade will provide the backbone for the launch of the @Home Network service in Nashville, Tennessee, this fall using cable modems supplied by Motorola (MOT).

InterMedia Partners IV will begin to provide @Home Internet services with Motorola CyberSurfr cable modems to select Nashville neighborhoods by September, according to Bill Hagarty, director of subscriber services at InterMedia.

Motorola was selected as the cable modem provider for the service. "This is another notch in our belt," said Doug Robertson, director of business development at Motorola's multimedia group.

The semiconductor and communications hardware company owns equity shares in @Home and has been the cable modem of choice in a number of its rollouts, noted Peter Scocimara, director of affiliate services at @Home.

The Nashville service will come as a result of $40 million in infrastructure investments by InterMedia. Over the past two years, the cable provider has had to add fiber-optic cables, lasers, amplifiers, and other transmission enhancements to guarantee that two-way data transmission would work.

"Overall, we'll invest around $100 million in the greater Nashville area," Hagarty said. "90 percent of it is out there in the street." Eventually, the upgrade will also allow InterMedia to provide digital TV transmissions.

In addition, @Home is putting the finishing touches on a regional data center for the network, Scocimara added. The regional data centers house redundant caching and proxy servers that essentially move content closer to subscribers for faster access.

InterMedia, which has cable operations throughout the South, expects to be able to provide two-way access to 100,000 customers by the end of the year. Approximately 240,000 cable customers will have access to Internet services by the second quarter of 1998, Hagarty added. In 18 months, InterMedia is targeting access for 400,000 customers in the greater Nashville region.