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NASA's Mars exploration job posters beckon you to the Red Planet

NASA's inspirational call-to-duty posters will make you want to hop on the next spacecraft to leave Earth, even if it's decades from now.

Come join the Curiosity rover on the surface of Mars.


Calling all surveyors, teachers, farmers and technicians. NASA wants you to step up and volunteer for service on Mars. Enjoy the spectacular sunsets. Explore rocky red canyons. Grow fruits and vegetables inside a dome. These are just some of the exciting activities that await you on the Red Planet according to a series of propaganda-style posters from NASA.

The posters make the Mars life look pretty glamorous. There's the night-shift worker standing proud on one of Mars' moons. There's a spacesuit-clad explorer rappelling down a cliffside. A teacher in silhouette leads a group students through an awe-inspiring alien landscape. Sign me up.

NASA originally commissioned the posters back in 2009 for display at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor's Complex, but they are now available online for anybody to enjoy, download or print off for non-commercial use. The posters are in good company with other NASA efforts, including these stylish space-tourism posters. I hear Jupiter is beautiful this time of year, assuming you can get some vacation time off from your Mars job.