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NASA's Kennedy Space Center prepares for Hurricane Dorian

The mobile launcher is moving inside to wait out the storm.


The Kennedy Space Center is preparing for Hurricane Dorian.

Orlando Sentinel/Getty

As Hurricane Dorian heads toward Florida, the Kennedy Space Center is preparing for what could be a Category 4 storm.

In a tweet Wednesday, NASA posted video explaining how it was going to use a crawler transporter to pick up and take its mobile launcher near the Vehicle Assembly Building as a "precautionary move."

"Ahead of #HurricaneDorian, @NASAGroundSys crawler-transporter moved to Launch Pad 39B in the event a call is made to move the Mobile Launcher inside the Vehicle Assembly Building," reads the tweet from the Kennedy Space Center. "If this happens, the ML and crawler would wait out the storm in the VAB."

The video explained that the crawler transporter is the vehicle that moves spacecraft around the launch complex. Meanwhile, the mobile launcher is about 400-feet tall, making it the kind of structure you might want to move out of the way of a hurricane. It's needed to "assemble, process and launch NASA's powerful space launch rocket and Orion spacecraft." 

Dorian is expected to become a major hurricane on Friday and remain dangerous throughout the weekend, the National Hurricane Center said Thursday. It could be a Category 4 storm when it makes landfall Monday, with maximum sustained winds of 130 mph. As of now, landfall could happen anywhere along Florida's Atlantic coast.

NASA didn't immediately respond to a request for additional comment. 

Originally published Aug. 29, 7:36 a.m. PT.
Update, 10:32 a.m. PT: Adds more information on Hurricane Dorian.