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NASA wants you to design human habitats for Mars

NASA wants your help in keeping humans alive on the long trip to Mars in the 2030s.


NASA is aiming to put people on Mars some time in the 2030s, but in order to get there it needs your help in creating habitats that will keep humans alive on the long trip to the red planet.

The best ideas submitted to NASA will be awarded upwards of $65 million in funding, The Next Web reports. Submissions close on 15 June, but you can submit a notice of intent by 13 May, giving you a little longer to decide on the wallpaper you want to use. It's open only to US residents, however, so bad luck if you're a Brit or an Aussie with eyes on the skies.

The winning proposal will be incorporated into the Orion spacecraft, which is set for its long trip to the fourth rock from the sun in around 20 years' time.