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NASA sends Snapchat to the ISS for a day in space

To celebrate 100,000 orbits around the Earth, the International Space Station used Snapchat to share a day with the world.


Thanks to Snapchat and NASA, today we got to live vicariously through International Space Station commander Tim Kopra, tumbling around the Earth in the ISS to celebrate its 100,000th orbit. In a series of short videos, he talks about life in microgravity, and the astronauts' activities aboard the space station.

The ISS is primarily a microgravity and space research laboratory, and inhabitants in recent years have been conducting experiments in growing plants, fire, 3D printing and fluid dynamics. It also allows researchers to examine the effects of microgravity living on the human body.

You can check out the Day in Space Live Story via NASA's Snapchat feed.