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NASA pumpkin contest creations will blow your mind

From a working Pac-Man game to a spinning carousel, the mechanical engineers at JPL carved pumpkins that put our cute cat faces to shame.

All our piddling little pumpkins look kinda lame after following the #NASAPumpkin hashtag on Twitter this Friday. Face it, that cute kitty face we sweated over may be the best we can do, but it ain't rocket science.

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory held a pumpkin-carving contest on Thursday, and the resulting jack-o'-lanterns are to ours what an eight-layer chocolate mousse is to a piece of candy corn.

JPL mechanical engineer Aaron Yazzie shared a bunch of the contestants on Twitter, and each was better than the last.

Remember that bumper sticker and campaign sign urging a Giant Meteor to just end the election already? One NASA group carved not only the flaming giant meteor in flight, but both unsuspecting candidates.

There was a working (kind of) Pac-Man game.

Yazzie's own group made a Mars copter.

Here's a Martian sample return mission pumpkin.

Someone at JPL watches "Stranger Things."

There was a space telescope, where the real action was going on inside.

Don't get motion sickness on the spinning carousel.

And if you're hungry, there's a barbecue.

NASA has put up a Flickr gallery featuring videos of some of the images, and there are still more to be found using the #NASAPumpkin hashtag on Twitter. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for Halloween artistry.