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NASA offers new reassurances about supermoon

Today sees the so-called supermoon. And the scientists at NASA have produced a new video to reassure those who think it is a foreboding of disaster.

The scientists are NASA seem so concerned about Internet speculation that supermoons cause natural disasters that they've released a video that's supposed to reassure you on this March 19th supermooning night.

NASA's YouTube video goes out of its way to reassure you that nothing will happen, that supermoons are merely fascinating events in which the moon is ever so slightly closer to the earth.

Do not touch. Wikimedia Commons

For example, the video says, a supermoon in 1983 passed without incident. There's something faintly touching, though, when the video's narrator feels the need to refer to an "almost supermoon" in December 2008 that ultimately had no obvious harmful effects.

In fact, December 2008 was a very fine month, in which, for example, Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)" shot to No. 1.

No, the video doesn't specifically mention that. But it does attempt to throw a damp cloth over the flaming fears of doom and destruction by explaining that the moon will be only 14 percent bigger and that this will not be readily visible to the average eye.

NASA says that if you want to feel the supermoon at its most spectacular, you should watch it rise and catch it near the horizon or as it floats behind a foreground object such as trees.

Disturbingly, though, NASA explains that neither astronomers nor psychologists understand why the moon seems so unnaturally large when it appears in these positions.

So just when I wanted to feel completely relaxed, the boffins go and tell me that some things related to the supermoon are, well, inexplicable. And, worse, just near the end of the video, NASA warns me not to bother trying to touch the moon. Yes, I am worried all over again.