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'Jovey McJupiterface': Jupiter grimaces in NASA image

A little image processing makes a stormy face on Jupiter stand out from the gas giant's swirling clouds.

Jupiter sports a chagrined-looking face.

NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS/Jason Major

The Man in the Moon isn't the only time we've spotted a face on an extraterrestrial body. Citizen scientist Jason Major rotated an image of Jupiter snapped by NASA's Juno spacecraft and created an instant classic: "Jovey McJupiterface." The new twist on the image makes it look like Jupiter has two white eyes and a distressed mouth. 

The "eyes" are storms and the gas giant's swirling atmosphere gives the face personality, like a celestial Edvard Munch painting. Jupiter is home to a series of huge rotating storms that look like white spots and are known as "pearls."

The Juno spacecraft launched on its mission to study Jupiter in 2011. NASA makes the raw camera images available to the public and highlights the results in a fascinating image-processing gallery

"JunoCam images aren't just for art and science – sometimes they are processed to bring a chuckle," NASA notes in a Friday release for the "Jovey McJupiterface" image.