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Napster to offer free music in four cities

The company will also offer free music players from iRiver, Creative and Dell.

Napster will offer free digital music at select cafes in four U.S. cities this month to promote its new portable subscription service, Napster To Go.

Napster To Go allows customers to move an unlimited number of tracks from Napster's catalog of 1 million songs to any compatible MP3 player, though the songs are playable only as long as the user keeps paying a monthly subscription fee of $14.95. The service was launched in February, as part of Napster's bid to take share away from Apple Comupter's iTunes, the market leader. The free offer will be available at venues in Austin, Texas; Los Angeles; New York; and Nashville, Tenn. The company said it will offer free music along with music players from iRiver, Creative and Dell. Click here for details on the venues and dates.