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Nanotech umbrella doesn't like water

NanoNuno nanotech umbrella repels dirt and moisture.


I really wish I'd had a NanoNuno in hand when I got caught in yesterday's crazy thunderstorm with my flimsy, water-welcoming dime-store umbrella. The NanoNuno is a nanotech umbrella engineered to repel water; just give it a shake and it's dry right away.

Inventors of the NanoNuno got their idea from the rough surface of the Lotus leaf, which repels dirt and moisture. Because the NanoNuno does the same, the polyester umbrella will stay clean for years, even in light-colored fabric, say the product's makers.

The umbrella, which has a wooden handle and a 38-inch canopy, sells for a 49.95 pounds (about $98) on the U.K. site Pro-Idee. Sure, that's an expensive umbrella, but at least you get to talk like Mork whenever you mention it.