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NanoGlass is a poor geek's stripped-down Google Glass

The NanoGlass Indiegogo project plans to put a $25 fiber optic gadget on your glasses that provides smartphone notifications.

NanoGlass attaches to your favorite pair of glasses or sunglasses. EmoPulse

Now that Google Glass is in the hands of developers, it seems like everybody wants a smartphone connection on their specs. That pesky $1,500 price tag is a little annoying, though. Let's say you don't need all the fancy Glass features, like an eyeball-level display, camera, directions, search, and voice commands. If you're satisfied with just notifications, then you may soon be able to connect your smartphone to your glasses for $25.

The NanoGlass Indiegogo project from EmoPulse consists of a small Bluetooth device that attaches to the side of a pair of glasses. A fiber optic strip extends toward the front, just enough to show up in your peripheral vision.

The fiber optics light up red for an incoming call, blue for SMS, and green for event reminders. Color combinations can be customized to alert the wearer to different notifications, such as e-mails or tweets.

EmoPulse has developed a working prototype of NanoGlass. This is the same company that's currently crowdfunding the Smile smartphone/bracelet/smartwatch combo.

The receiver is waterproof, so you can safely wear it out in the rain. Ultimately, it's a fairly simple device with a straightforward purpose. If you're OK with forgoing just about all the bells and whistles, then the $25 price point makes it a bargain when it comes getting your glasses connected to your phone.

NanoGlass with phone for perspective
The NanoGlass next to a phone. EmoPulse