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Nano in a box

Apple Computer's lanyard headphones make wearing the iPod Nano as easy as wearing a necklace.

Wearing the Nano this way seems natural, like it belongs there. I tend to forget it is there. That is, until it gets soaked when I lean over the sink to wash my hands or when I get a drink from a bubbler.

An antidote to this is the OtterBox case for the iPod Nano, which can keep the Nano safe from the elements like wind, rain, sand and the rogue bubbler. The case with the included lanyard can be worn skinny dipping without worrying that the water will damage your Nano.

OtterBox case
Credit: OtterBox

The lightweight protective case has a clamshell design with a rubber lining. The Nano slips inside and clicks onto the sealed stereo mini jack. The case is waterproof for up to three feet of water--thus, no scuba diving allowed.

The OtterBox is a little bulky, but that has to be expected since it is waterproof. The case features a hard plastic cover to shield the display and a membrane that allows touch access to the click wheel. A removable belt-clip is also included. The iPod has to be removed from the case when charging or syncing since the dock connector is inaccessible when the Nano is sealed in the case.

If you're going to use the OtterBox skinny dipping, get some waterproof headphones as well.

The OtterBox for the iPod Nano sells for $39. It is 5.13-by-2.25-by-1 inches. OtterBoxes are available in other sizes for the iPod Video, Shuffle, Mini and so on.