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Name your own price for six (really) good Android games

You also get the soundtracks for five of them and support charity in the process.

For as little as $5.52, you can walk away with these six top-rated (and, in some cases, beloved) Android games.
For as little as $5.52, you can walk away with these six top-rated (and, in some cases, beloved) Android games. Humble Bundle

I feel like I'm on bundle overload these days, what with some new software or game collection cropping up on an almost weekly basis.

That said, when I see a good one, I gotta share. And if you're an Android user, this is definitely a good one.

For the next week or so, the Humble Mobile Bundle offers six surprisingly good Android games for whatever price you want to pay. Well, sort of.

It works like this: There are six apps on the table. Four can be had for any amount: a penny, a dollar, whatever. If you pay at least the average (currently $5.52), you get all six.

Given that the games have a combined value of around $13.50, you're getting a deal even if you pay, say, $10. And you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that some percentage (your choice) of your money is going to a good cause: the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child's Play. You can also steer some to the very deserving developers.

Of course, if you're totally skint, you can just grab the four for two bits or whatever and be on your way. Here's a look at the winning titles in this collection:

Anomaly Korea If you like tower defense games, you'll love this inventive sci-fi-based twist. It's the sequel to the award-winning Anomaly Warzone Earth.

Bladeslinger for Android.
Bladeslinger for Android. Kerosene Games

Bladeslinger This third-person fighting game (pictured) might do better under the name "Cowboys & Monsters." Or, to put it another way, it's a Western-themed Infinity Blade.

Contre Jour A beautiful and award-winning physics-based puzzler that's like a spiritual successor to World of Goo.

Plants vs. Zombies A classic in every sense of the word. My kids can't get enough of this charming game.

And the two "bonus" titles:

Metal Slug 3 A port of the classic Neo Geo console game, this arcade-style shooter should appeal to fans of old-school run-and-gunners.

The Room A visually arresting 3D puzzle game in the tradition of Myst, this title is making its Android debut in the Humble Mobile Bundle.

So, yeah, something for everyone, and mostly top-flight titles. Truth be told, I'd be happy with just the first four, but I still think this is a terrific buy for game fans. And if you're a fan of videogame music, there's a bonus: soundtracks (in both FLAC and MP3 formats) for five of the six games.