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Name your own price for a 6-game Android bundle

And these are some seriously good games, too, with titles like Catan, Vector, and Zombie Gunship. Plus: a sweet e-book bundle!

The Humble Mobile Bundle 4.
The Humble Mobile Bundle 4. Humble Bundle

Regular Cheapskate readers are no stranger to game bundles. When I sees one I likes, I share.

If you're an Android user, you're sure to like this one: The Humble Mobile Bundle 4 includes six Android games for whatever price you want to pay. Well, sort of.

Pony up at least a buck and you get these four excellent games:

  • Catan: The app edition of the immensely popular (and immensely awesome) strategy boardgame Settlers of Catan.
  • Riptide GP2: High-speed river races on souped-up WaveRunner-style hydro jets? Yes, please.
  • Vector: A parkour-inspired endless runner set in a dystopian future. (Like there's any other kind?) I was seriously addicted to this game last year.
  • Zombie Gunship: An ingenious twist on the stale kill-all-zombies formula, this riveting game tasks you to mow 'em down from the skies.

If you pay at least the average purchase price (currently $3.65), you'll get two more games:

  • Badland Premium: The celebrated side-scrolling platformer with every single in-app purchase unlocked.
  • Breach & Clear: A tactical shooter with elements of Rainbow Six and XCOM.

I haven't played the latter, but Badland is simply exquisite.

All told, the bundle has a value of about $37. Breach & Clear all by itself costs $3.99, so you can think of this as buying that game and getting five more for free.

In any case, Humble Bundle donates a portion of your purchase (you decide what percentage) to charity, which makes this both a killer deal and a worthy cause. You can even buy a bundle to give as a gift.

I'm in. As someone who recently migrated from iOS to Android (and lived to tell the tale!), I'll take all the great games I can get. Especially at this price.

Bonus deal: Speaking of bundles, could you use some good reading material for the upcoming weekend? StoryBundle lets you name your own price for its Epic Fantasy Bundle, which includes six DRM-free e-books from the likes of Peter David and Neil Gaiman. Pay at least $12 to get three bonus books. As with Humble Bundle, you get to divert a portion of your payment to charity.

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