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Name your own price for a $111 indie game bundle

From the Cheapskate: Just in time for weekend fun (though you should really get out and enjoy the sunshine), games for cheap! Plus: snag a free digital copy of "Independence Day"!

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I'm traveling today (hellooo, L.A.!), so it'll be a little tough for me to "check in" after this post goes up. Hopefully we can get through a day without a rapid sellout, a broken discount code or just some flagrant error by yours truly. A man can dream!

Actually, I'm pretty sure two of those things won't happen, because game bundles don't typically sell out, and there's no code required. All that's left is error, the margin for which is a little wider than usual because I'm currently stuffed into a middle coach seat, angled in such a way that I can barely see the screen. (That said, it's hard to complain when you're traveling 527 miles per hour, which is kind of a miracle.)

Humble Bundle

All this is to time! You can name your own price for the Humble Staff Picks Bundle, which includes anywhere from 3-7 games (with at least one more to come) that have a combined value of $111.

Two things. First, indie games tend to be awesome, sometimes because they venture beyond the usual genres, and sometimes because they're just way more clever than what you get from the average EA or Ubisoft title.

Second, computer games aren't for sunny summer weekends. They're for rainy days when you can't be outside enjoying this brief respite from winter. (Can you tell I'm a Midwesterner?) So buy these now and save them for you don't have good outdoor alternatives. #freshair #dadlecture

The usual "tier" rules apply here: You can get three games if you pay at least $1, a couple more if you beat the average (currently $6 and change) or the whole enchilada for $10. You also get to decide what portion of your payment goes to Oxfam and Action Against Hunger, two seriously worthy charities.

I'll leave it to you to hit up Steam (which is where you'll redeem the game codes and install the games) for reviews of the various titles. But even if there are a couple lemons in the mix (hint: there aren't), the bang-for-the-buck ratio is still sky-high.

So go forth and game! And I'll see you back in here on Monday -- hopefully from an aisle seat this time.

Bonus deal: Is there such a thing as a movie rerun? There is when it's a Cheapskate deal: For a limited time, Fandango is offering "Independence Day" (in HD) for free. That's to own it, not rent it. I'd rank "Independence Day" among the all-time great summer popcorn flicks. (Come for the aliens, stay for the something's-in-my-eye Bill Pullman speech.) You'll need a Fandango (or M-Go) account (also free), and you can link that to your UltraViolet library if you have one.

Bonus deal No. 2: Are you a doer of good deeds? What if I told you you could do a very good deed just by donating 30 seconds of your time? Check out CNET's Heart to Heart Challenge, which will donate up to $10,000 to the American Heart Association. All you have to do is share (on that page) some discussion of a good deed: one you've done, one you've observed or one that was done for you. Bam! One dollar donated on your behalf. That's a "deal" indeed.