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Namcobandai's top franchises hit the PSP

Namcobandai's top franchises hit the PSP

The PSP is often derided for housing way too many PS2 ports. Namcobandai's portable lineup is completely guilty of the aforementioned assessment. Who cares, though, when they're all so awesome?!

Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception is actually an all-new game, but it feels as though the code for one of the PS2 titles has been ripped violently from a DVD and stuffed onto a UMD. The only available playable mode on the show floor was an ad-hoc dogfighting mode. Control came naturally, and the game had near-PS2 quality visuals. Whether the single-player mode will perform as well will be up in the air--heh--until this fall.

Tekken: Dark Resurrection doesn't hide its roots quite as well. Dark Resurrection is a port of Tekken 5 with two new characters and one returning favorite that was omitted from the arcade and console versions, along with the story, arcade, and minigame modes that have made the series so popular among fight fans. The game supports local multiplayer, though its online component isn't as broad--you can't fight over Wi-Fi, but you can download AI ghosts of real players' customized characters that fight the same way as their real-life counterparts. This summer, do a search for suck and you'll find me in Tekken: Dark Resurrection.