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Namco brings the Scene It DVD game to cell phones

Namco brings the Scene It DVD game to cell phones

Along with the release of Galaga and Super Pac-Man, Namco Networks announced yet another game yesterday: It plans to bring the popular Scene It DVD games to mobile phones. Both the Movie and TV editions will be ported over to the mobile version, and the mobile game will feature many of the same movie and TV trivia questions as the original. In order to emulate the DVD version, Namco Networks says that it is taking full advantage of the recent move toward 3G speeds and will attempt to stream video-clip-based trivia questions to fully immerse the player in the game.

But there is a bonus to the mobile version that isn't available on the DVD. Because of the cell phone's connectivity, Namco Networks says it's able to keep downloading fresh content so that the latest movies and TV shows are represented. The pricing is yet to be announced, but Namco Networks says it hopes the game will be released to all carriers and plans the release date to be around winter of this year.