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Now you can make mobile payments, before your credit card has even arrived

No more waiting by the letter box for your new Visa to arrive -- NAB's new app will let you make tap-and-go payments straight away using a digital credit card.


No card? No worries. NAB will let you make payments from your phone before your credit card has even arrived.


NAB is claiming a world first with its new banking app, which will allow customers to use their credit card to make mobile payments before they've even received their plastic card in the mail.

The feature will be available when NAB launches its new mobile app "later this year," and will allow customers to apply for a new personal Visa credit card through a "digital contract." Once approved, they'll be able to access card features from their phone using the NAB Pay app, and make mobile tap-and-go payments (less than AU$100) at contactless terminals.

While cardless payments are nothing new, these mobile payments have still generally been an add-on that comes with owning a physical card. But with the option of going cardless (even if only for a few days, while a plastic card is sent out), Australia is moving closer towards a card-free future.

Going without plastic is not a totally seamless experience just yet. With Apple still locking down contactless payments on the iPhone to Apple Pay, iOS users will still need to get an additional tag to attach to their phone to be able to make NFC payments. It's a hassle that NAB wants to avoid, and it's currently petitioning the ACCC to be able to negotiate with Apple alongside other banks to get access to Apple Pay technology.

But in the meantime, NAB is sprucing up its mobile payments offering to be as simple for customers as possible.

Alongside card-free payments, the new app will also include features to give customers "more control" over everyday banking, including the option to block purchases on secondary cards (such as a family card given to a child) or to pause payments on a card that is suspected lost or stolen.

An "open pilot" version of the app will be available to download in the coming weeks, allowing customers on Android, followed by those on iOS, to use the app and offer feedback.