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Mythbusters' Savage: I got past TSA with razor blades

In a sobering (and funny) monologue, Adam Savage explains that he accidentally took two 12-inch razor blades through a body scanner screening earlier this year.

Many of you will be flying today. You will be going to see those to whom you feel closest, or, indeed, most indifferent, in order to give thanks for your feelings.

You will also have to enjoy the watchful eyes, hands and smiles of the TSA inspectorate.

You may not find it entirely comfortable. However, like "Mythbusters" presenter Adam Savage, in the rush to leave the house, you may have forgotten that you have a couple of 12-inch razor blades secreted about your person.

Savage, in the highly entertaining monologue that I have embedded, describes how earlier this year he was flying and happened to forget to remove potentially dangerous objects from his belongings.

Savage says he was shepherded through the body scanner "which, for some reason, makes my penis feel really small" and, once he got to the other side, discovered something quite surprising.

While his junk had been fully inspected, the ordinary scanner/all-over body scanner tandem seemed to have missed the blades.

Savage says he was somewhat alarmed at the TSA's apparent inattention. "My tiny junk is offended," he said.

Everyone appreciates that the TSA's job is not an easy one and that it's always hard in life to judge who is worth closer inspection.

However, one can only hope that, over the Thanksgiving period, the systems do manage to at least catch up to all the 12-inch razor blades that might be passing beneath their physical and metaphorical noses.