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'MythBusters' hosts take giant spider robots out for a spin

Jamie Hyneman builds elaborate robot spiders, then races them with Adam Savage in the final episode of the "Jamie's Racing Spiders" Web series.

Why race horses when you can bet on giant robot spiders? Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

We've been keeping an eye on "MythBusters" hosts Jamie Hyneman's progress in making robot spiders on his and co-host Adam Savage's website

In their four-part webseries "Jamie's Racing Spiders," we see what it takes to design, build and test robotic arachnids, using the productivity software Evernote and with the help of members from the former Industrial Light & Magic model shop, now called Kernerworks.

The first episode shows Hyneman and Savage discussing the inspiration behind the project, as well as the first meeting with Kernerworks about possible spiders' possible design.

In the second episode of the series, we see Hyneman in the Kernerworks workshop looking at an early comp of his racing spiders.

The third episode reveals what can go wrong when testing the spiders. After a series of last-minute tweaks, Hyneman and Kernerworks do their best to troubleshoot all the issues with the spiders. No one said making giant robotic racing spiders would be easy.

Finally, in this fourth episode, we see the creepy results in action. Hyneman and Savage take the racing spider robots outside to watch them run in all their glory.

While the spiders don't resemble Hyneman's initial goal of robotic arachnids you can ride, they still ended up pretty cool.

"I had this image of us riding these giant spiders across a desert, cresting dunes, like some sort of camel race...but it is and always was just an experiment," Hyneman says in the video. He adds, "I have some ideas about how I can improve the design in the future."

Be sure to check out the additional behind-the-scenes footage, Hyneman's original build notes and the project photos on Evernote.