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Mystery iPhone lands at Litchfield in new 'Orange is the New Black' clip

To announce one of its new services, Netflix enlists the help of an Apple device and two favorites from one of its most popular shows.

Fans of the Netflix original series "Orange is the New Black" will have to wait till next June to see more action from inside the Litchfield Penitentiary where it takes place. But this week, the streaming service released a short clip that gives us a look at two of the show's best-loved characters -- Tasty (played by Danielle Brooks) and Suzanne (known earlier in the season as Crazy Eyes and played by Uzo Aduba, who just won her second Emmy Award for her work in the show).

In the almost 2-minute-long segment, the pair returns to their bunks to find that someone left an iPhone on one of the beds. Both Tasty and Suzanne have likely been incarcerated long before Siri was around, so some confusion ensues when they try talking to her. Suzanne calls Siri a "bed bot," and wonders if "maybe she's here to help us resolve our existential problems." Siri answers questions with a fair degree of snark.

The clip obviously is not a part of the upcoming fourth season. Rather, it's meant to highlight Netflix's announcement that you can now join its streaming service directly through in-app purchases on iOS devices, rather than only online. That's not exactly Earth-shattering news, but it did give OITNB fans a wee bit more content to geek out over until the next season premieres. So for that, we thank Netflix.

You also have to wonder if this will start a trend of actors in Netflix original series doing promotions for the streaming service. If it gives us glimpses of our favorite characters between full seasons, that might not be such a bad thing.