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MySQL bumping out Oracle?

MySQL is making headway against Oracle in at least one Fortune 500 account.

Arjen Lentz spotted an interesting comment on Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz's blog, which suggests that Oracle may have cause for concern in its competition with MySQL:

I work for a major Fortune company, and we're in the process of putting Oracle on a "sunset" list of restricted vendors. No new applications are allowed on Oracle, the only approved vendors are Sun/MySQL and Microsoft/SQL Server.

An isolated incidence? Possibly. But where's there's smoke, there's fire. I imagine that this isn't the only Fortune 500 company that is looking to shave the money it pays to Oracle every year. Anyone else seen this sort of thing? I've definitely seen analogous situations in the ECM world, and I know from my friends at SugarCRM that they have, too.

Others? Is open source chipping away at the bloated price structures of traditional software vendors? (Yes, Savio, I use the word "chipping" judiciously. :-)