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MySQL backs IBM's Power-Linux plans

Move boosts Big Blue's goal to get Linux support for its servers using IBM chips.

SAN FRANCISCO--MySQL has created a version of its popular open-source database software for Linux on IBM's Power processors, the company said on Tuesday.

The company supports Linux on IBM's older Power4-based machines, the new Power5-based i5 and p5 models, and the thin JS20 blade servers, MySQL said at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo. Linux is most widely used on "x86" processors such as Intel's Xeon and Advanced Micro Devices' Opteron, but IBM is trying to build Linux support for server lines using its own chips as well.

The expansion provides one of the key applications needed to make Linux useful. MySQL is often used in conjunction with Apache software for hosting Web pages and the PHP software for creating customized Web pages on the fly.

MySQL also configured its database software to work with Linux running on IBM's top-end mainframe server line in 2003.