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MySpace, Sony debut ADD-friendly 'Minisode Network'

New video network features pared-down episodes of a variety of old TV shows, but claims that the plots stay intact.

We know you've been waiting for the moment when you could watch condensed episodes of The Partridge Family online. As expected, MySpace Video and Sony Pictures Television have collaborated on the "Minisode Network," a broadband video page featuring shortened versions of various Sony television shows available in a free, ad-supported form (the current sponsor is Honda) and which launched on Tuesday. MySpace members also have the option to embed 'minisodes' in their profiles.

You can think of it as TV on Cliff's Notes. Each 'minisode' is three to five minutes long, but Sony and MySpace have assured skeptical viewers that the story arc of the original TV episode remains intact.

On the Minisode Network, you can now watch three shaved-down episodes from a total of 15 TV shows. Many of them, like Starsky & Hutch and Charlie's Angels, predate the average young MySpace user, but a few, like Dilbert, are a bit newer. According to a release from MySpace, new ones will be added each week and more than 500 total will be online by the end of 2007. It's not clear whether this means that new shows will be added as well or if the 'minisodes' will remain restricted to the current 15.