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MySpace in Facebook and Twitter friend request

Remember MySpace? It's still alive and well, and sharing its thoughts with social networking rivals Facebook and Twitter

MySpace has sent a friend request to its biggest social networking rivals Facebook and Twitter. The music-centred network announced on the MySpace blog that users can now post their status updates and shared content to Facebook and Twitter.

Unwashed normals like us can share funny videos and links from rakishly handsome and devilishly well-written technology blogs like this one 'ere, while scruffy musician types can promote their newest songs, blog posts and other rock'n'roll ephemera to anyone who has liked their Facebook page or followed their Twitter feed.

You can already sync your account with Tweetdeck, Yahoo, AOL, Windows Live, Digsby, and a passel of other services no-one's ever heard of. With Facebook now the most-visited website in the world, and MySpace increasingly being left behind, Tom and friends have clearly seen the writing is on the wall -- or rather, the plotting is on an open graph.

To get involved click here, or on the settings cog on your home page, and you'll be taken to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts to approve MySpace sharing. This will share your updates automatically. You will have the option to share or not with each update.

With Facebook down today, this news had us so excited we almost logged into our MySpace account. But we couldn't remember the password so we had another cup of tea and watched Neighbours instead.