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'mySKY' takes aim at the heavens

It can identify 30,000 objects in the sky while disgused as a phaser.

'mySKY' navigator Discovery Communications
Phaser remote Phone Phun

There are certain unnamed Cravers who, we're told, can sit and stare for hours on end at fake stars and planets projected on the wall. And yet there are others who actually enjoy viewing the heavens in reality outside (gasp). For those brave souls, there are several handheld scopes and personal planeteriums that can help navigate the night sky, including some in alien form.

But Meade's "mySKY" is the only one we know of that comes anywhere close to resembling a phaser. This personal guide to the universe can identify 30,000 objects with its color LCD and 500 audio descriptions using a built-in GPS receiver, according to Red Ferret. It may seem a bit pricey at $400, but consider this: The same company also makes a 500-pound star gazer for $60,000.