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MyRepublic hints at Australian mobile launch this year

Following the launch of the company's Singapore mobile service, the ISP is headed Down Under to cut Optus' and Telstra's grass.

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Australia's mobile market could soon get more crowded, as broadband provider MyRepublic looks set to take on the big telcos.

At a press event Wednesday in Singapore for the launch of its new mobile plans in the region, CEO Malcolm Rodrigues revealed the company would be launching in a new country by the end of the year. Rodrigues didn't comment further on where that would be, other than indicating it would be in one of its current markets, excluding Indonesia.

But when pressed by CNET, Rodrigues admitted that it was "likely" to be Australia.

That's good news for Australian mobile users who want more options when it comes to finding a new mobile plan. With Telstra, Optus and Vodafone providing more than three quarters of Australia's mobile plans and Virgin Mobile recently shutting up shop, the Aussie market is dominated by a few big fish. That's set to change with TPG launching its mobile service, and MyRepublic could be just another player to shake things up.

As for what Australia can expect if MyRepublic launches, the Singapore service announced "unlimited data" -- though as with other Aussie telcos that have launched this offering, speeds are throttled after a certain data cap is reached (the cap varies based on plans). MyRepublic is also offering bonus data to existing customers who bundle mobile with their broadband plan.

In the broadband space, MyRepublic has pushed hard on and challenged NBN Co about internet speeds in Australia -- whether they're just as bullish in the mobile market remains to be seen.

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